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Dr.Dezhong Meng
KYOKUGEN, Osaka University
Dr. Dezhong Meng received his B.S. (2012) from Hebei University of Science and Technology, M.S. (2015) from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Ph.D from Osaka University (2018). Now he works as a postdoc fellow at Osaka University. His research interests is the study of metallization, superconductivity and phase transition of metal hydrides under extremely high pressure (over 100 GPa) by using diamond anvil cell.
Visiting dates: 2018-10-11 - 2018-10-12 Office No: M1051 E-mail:
Inviter: Jinguang Cheng
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Talk Title: Superconductivity of hydrogen-rich metal hydride Li5MoH11 under high pressure
Talk Place: M253
Talk Time: 11-Oct-2018 10:00 am
Hydrogen was predicted to show metallic behavior and even a possible high-temperature superconductor under sufficient pressurization. While the high pressure is beyond the present experimental conditions, it is predicted that hydrogen-rich compounds could be metallic and superconductive under comparable lower pressure than that of pure hydrogen. The so-called "hydrogen-rich" metal hydrides, Li5MoH11 with 11 hydrogens in the unit cell was investigated. The similar hydrides BaReH9 was reported to be superconductor with a transition temperature (Tc) near 7 K above 100 GPa [T. Muramatu et al., J. Phys. Chem. C 119, 18007 (2015)]. The valence band of Li5MoH11 is dominated by the hydrogen 1s orbital [S. Takagi et al., Sci. Rep. 7, 44253 (2017)]. Thus, Li5MoH11 can be expected to show the metallization and possible high-Tc superconductivity, whose character comes from hydrogen. The observation of superconducting behavior and structural phase transition as a function of pressure about Li5MoH11 will be exhibited.

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